The classic PS2 RPG has gotten remastered and re-released a few times in the past decade. How does it hold up?
Brain implants to help with severe, treatment-resistant depression are a miracle and not "dystopian."
Another day, another behemoth tech platform going through news day-defining drama.
The increasingly popular practice of streaming as animated characters through motion tracking setups is helping me overcome my fear of being on camera.
Progressives pushed to strip Iron Dome funding. But regardless of your stance on Israel, it saves innocent lives.
The "8 glasses a day" mantra was debunked almost twenty ago, and the NYT pushing back against it is not a Mad Max-esque move.
The United States has a precedent of vaccine mandates, which are what we need to bring this pandemic under control.
Though utterly useless in the treatment of COVID-19, the claim circulating on social media that ivermectin causes infertility is faulty.
Inflation has rendered the penny a wasteful currency denomination that can easily be eliminated.
The struggle of the worker is important — and scorned by supposedly "pro-hard work" conservatives.
COVID-19 cases are at an all-time high in Georgia as a huge fandom convention begins.
Appearing less informed about Ivermectin and its uses in humans emboldens conspiracy theorists using it in dangerous ways.